Keyfuels is the leading provider of fuel cards and fuel management solutions to commercial vehicle operators, managing billions of litres of diesel per year for some of Europe’s largest fleets. Established in the haulage sector over 100 years ago, the company now boasts 35 years of expertise in fuel management, pioneering industry-leading solutions with award winning technology.

Keyfuel’s expert consultants work with its customers to develop fuel management programmes that will reduce a fleet operator’s costs, implemented through state-of-the-art management and reporting systems. This includes the integration of telematics data and analysis to provide operators with up-to-date information on fuel usage and the fuel efficiency of drivers. Ultimately, this allows customers to significantly lower fuel costs and improve profitability by not just focusing on fuel cards and the per litre cost of fuel, but by helping to increase efficiencies and improve the management of how that fuel is used.

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