Why become a Commission Operator

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I’m proud to say that I will soon be celebrating my 7th anniversary working in partnership with Rontec. I started my journey with the company when I took on my first Shop’ N Drive site in Watford as a commission operator in September 2012. Prior to this I worked as a forecourt manager for Total and then as a Dealer in the Total fuel network before Total sold its marketing assets to Rontec. I now operate sites within the London region including the flagship site at Chiswick Flyover that consists of a Shop’ N Drive branded store, Subway, West Cornwall Pasty Company offer, Costa Express and Esso Synergy Forecourt.

Since I signed my partnership agreement, I have enjoyed the support and benefits of being part of the Rontec network including weekly visits from my Area Manager, through to benefits of the commercial partnerships, and being part of a leading independent roadside retailer. I enjoy having the autonomy to make own business decisions and driving my profitability within a generous financial framework.

I plan on remaining a partner for many years to come