Why become a Commission Operator

See how our team have worked as commission operators




I have been in partnership with Rontec since it since 2012 and have worked on a number of sites over the years including sites in Blackpool, Warrington and now Blackburn. I have worked under all Rontec store fascia’s including Shop’N Drive, Family Shopper, Spar and the latest one, Morrisons Daily.

The Morrisions Daily store I operate Blackburn is almost 3000sq foot and to operator a store of this size with a full convenience store offering which has strong focus on chilled and fresh produce was a new challenge for me. However with the support of Rontec and the consistent developments from Morrisons I am really enjoying and learning how to run a business of this complexity.

Rontec is the leading Roadside Retailer and has partnered with the biggest brands in the business and as result, my business has gone from strength to strength. Rontec expects you to maintain the high standards but in doing so this has only benefited my business and I look forward to working with Rontec for many may more years.