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With over 50 years of experience, growth and exceptional performance behind us, Rontec has built a market leading reputation in roadside retailing.

One of the leading players in the UK forecourt industry, Rontec operates more than 250 petrol stations across England and Wales, under the Esso, BP and Shell brands.

The company was formed in 2011 to acquire the assets of Total Oil UK and has since continued to acquire site packages from Esso, Co-Op and BP.

Our History

Gerald Ronson
Gerald M Ronson CBE

Rontec is chaired by Gerald Ronson CBE, the founder of Heron Service Stations and the owner of its successor, Snax24, launched in 1992.

Heron Service Stations was established in 1966, Gerald effectively invented modern day roadside retail and has over 54 years experience. Since opening the first self-service petrol station in St Albans, he has developed over 1,000 forecourts, pioneering roadside retail concepts such as self-service, forecourt canopies and convenience stores.

The business soon made an impact in south east England and, in 1968, sold 30 garages to Shell. Heron Service Stations continued developing sites for the oil majors - Shell, BP and Texaco - before reintroducing the brand in 1975.

In 1992, the Snax24 brand was introduced, operating a number of BP-branded outlets.

In 2011, Rontec was formed to acquire Total UK’s retail network. It was merged with Snax24 in June 2015 and remains one of the UK’s largest independent forecourt operators.

The Board

Giles Taylor

Giles has worked in the Rontec business for over 25 years and was promoted to Managing Director in October 2016 from his previous position of Operations Director. His length of service in the sector has given him a comprehensive knowledge of the industry.

Ian Pogue

Ian is a Qualified Chartered Accountant (FCA) and a graduate of Trinity College Dublin (BBS). He joined Heron International in the late 1980s before moving over to Heron Service Stations and staying with the business under its various iterations up to the present day as Group Finance Director.

Nick Lowe

Nick started his career with Morrisons before moving to Conoco Phillips. In 2005, he joined Snax24, where he worked as an Area Manager, Regional Manager and Operations Manager before becoming Operations Director at Rontec in October 2018.

Tracy Moloney

Tracy started her career with Snax 24 in August 2000. In December 2005, she was promoted to Financial Controller. Tracy worked to become CIMA qualified in 2008 and, following the acquisition of Total in 2011, became a key leader of the new finance department at Rontec. She was promoted to Finance Director in December 2018.

Tom Cookson

Tom has an extensive knowledge of the forecourt industry having worked for over 20 years in a number of roles with Fina, Elf and Total prior to the acquisition by Rontec in November 2011. Following the acquisition, Tom worked as Head of Fuels, before assuming the position of Fuels & IT Director in December 2018.