Charity Partnerships

In 2014, we introduced Pennies, a digital charity box, to our network of roadside retail forecourts. Pennies offers customers the opportunity to donate a few pennies via debit or credit card to a nominated charity.

We have supported many different charities and, with the help of our loyal and generous customers, have raised in excess of £2 million for a range of important and worthy causes.

Ovarian Cancer Action

Rontec has team up with Ovarian Cancer Action to help fund research to help change the ovarian cancer survival rates. Our scientists at the Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre are working tirelessly to find effective ways to detect, diagnose and treat ovarian cancer.

Until we see those breakthroughs, knowledge is power. From knowing whether you're at risk, to understanding the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, we want all women to feel empowered.

With your donations they they can help create opportunities for young wheelchair users to get the equipment, skills and confidence to go further

Other charitable projects